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A battle is raging across a trillion pathways in the human brain. We know more about the body than we ever have and yet we're still just beginning to understand how to join this fight.

The Centre for Neuroscience Studies is thrilled to announce the election of Dr. Stephen Scott to the Royal Society of Canada

Steve Scott

A new study led by Queen’s researcher Jessica Selinger shows that runners default to a pace that saves the most energy

WEB Running study

Neuroscience Academics: MSc or PhD in Neuroscience and Microcredentials in Neurotech


Gender & Sex in Methods & Measurement Toolkit


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Dr. John Krakauer, MD, MA

Sep 28, 2022
12:00 - 1:00pm
John Krakauer,
August 9, 2022
Centre for Neuroscience Studies: Mental Health Resources
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August 3, 2022
Queen's MRI Pilot Time Competition - a 70% rebate on the normal MRI scanning rate!
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April 22, 2022
The CNS is thrilled to announce Tasha Jawa as our new Social Media Coordinator!
Tasha Jawa

The Neuroscience graduate program offers studies spanning the full spectrum of neuroscience research, from cellular/molecular to clinical studies.

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