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Queen's University's most read article of all time - by CNS PhD candidate Elena Koning

Elena Koning

Neuroscience Academics: MSc or PhD in Neuroscience and Microcredentials in Neurotech


Dr. Gunnar Blohm - Recipient of the 2022 Faculty of Health Sciences Education Award

Gunnar Blohm

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Seminar Series: Jill Goldstein

May 18, 2022
12:00 - 1:30pm
Jill Goldstein
February 1, 2022
Neuromatch Academy - Coming soon in 2022

Teaching computational techniques crucial for success in academia and industry.
neuromatch map
March 7, 2022
Researchers are investigating the effects of the ketogenic diet in depression
Gomes Research
April 22, 2022
Please welcome Theo Aliyianis, Scott Squires and Kim Suffron as our new Neuroscience Outreach Program Leadership Team.
NOP Atrium

The Neuroscience graduate program offers studies spanning the full spectrum of neuroscience research, from cellular/molecular to clinical studies.

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