Queen's University
MRI Education

DTI Working Group

The DTI Working Group is an informal, regular meeting of people interested in diffusion-tensor-imaging (DTI) aquisitions for their research.  The goal is to help new users learn the methods, find command ground across groups with regard to the software and methods that are used, and help people link up so that they can turn to each other for ideas and answers.

Media and other information from these meetings is presented below.

Session 1 - DTI Fundamentals

During the first session, Dr. Stroman presented a video explaining the fundamentals of MRI aquisition and specifically how they are used to acquire DTI images.

Session 3 - DTI Acquisition Guide

During the third session, Donald Brien presented an acquisition guide for planning a DTI study and picking parameters for a DTI sequence. Download the PowerPoint presentation. Extensive notes are provided in the presentation.