Queen's University
MRI Facility


A variety of equipment is available for use in MRI Experiments.  The table below is also available as an Adobe PDF.  To view it in PDF form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Display Computer

Pentium4 3.4GHz PC computer, Windows XP Professional, internet connection, high-quality sound card, and connected to the projector and button response box. Matlab and E-Prime are installed for running fMRI studies.
If you would like to run from your own laptop, connections are available for connecting the visual display and button response to your laptop via a switchbox.

Projector & Screen

NEC LT265 DLP projector. Native resolution is 1024x768.

Website: http://www.projectorcentral.com/NEC-LT265.htm

  NEC LT265 DLP Projector

Avotec SV-6011 LCD Projection System

The SV-6011 is a color LCD projection system designed for MR use.   The 6011 system accepts an XVGA input (1024x768).  The projector displays images on a rear projection screen that hangs in the bore.

Website:  http://www.avotecinc.com/high-resolution-projector


Avotec Silent Vision 7021

The SV-7021 is a binocular visual system designed for MR use. The 7021 system accepts dual, independent XVGA inputs (1024x768).  The SV-7021 system can be combined with the eye monitoring system to enable simultaneous visual presentation and eye tracking for one or two eyes. 

Website:  http://www.avotecinc.com/eye-tracking-with-glasses


Button Response Pads

 fORP fiber-optic button boxes for interactive subject participation. We have 5 different interfaces as pictured – single and double handheld, 5-button stick, joystick (either single or double), and trackball.

Website: http://www.curdes.com

Button Response Pads

SR-Research Eyelink 1000 Eye-tracking System

The Long Range Mount for the EyeLink 1000 system is optimized for MRI applications. The camera sits in the bore and allows for quick and accurate monocular real-time eye tracking of subjects at a rate of 500Hz.  

Website: http://www.sr-research.com/solutions_fmri.html 


ISCAN Eye-tracking System

ISCAN eye tracker allows for tracking of the subjects eye while in the scanner. Training is required before using this equipment. Contact Brian Coe for training and assistance

Website: http://www.iscaninc.com

ISCAN Eye-Tracking System

Medoc Thermal Stimulator

The Medoc Thermal Stimulator TSA-II utilizes a thermode placed on the patient's skin, which either heats or cools the skin as needed. The patient is asked to respond to these temperature stimuli by pushing a response button or verbally.

Website: http://www.medoc-web.com/tsa.html

Medoc Thermal Stimulator

NNL Sound System

Nordic Neurolab (NNL) Audio System. High-quality stereo headphones, together with a communication console for auditory and speech (using the optical microphone) studies. Frequency response from 8Hz to 35kHz and a noise attenuation of +30dB. These headphones offer 35dB sound protection so subjects don’t have to wear earplugs. Not possible to use with the neck coil – use the MR system headphones instead.

Website: http://www.nordicneurolab.com

NLL Sound System

Optical Microphone

Phone-or Optical Microphone with digital and analog outputs. For auditory response or speech fMRI studies.

Website: http://www.magmedix.com

Optical Microphone

MR Compatible Eyeglasses

MR compatible interchangeable prescription eyeglass with lens inserts in Rx powers from -6 to +6.

Website: https://www.safevision.net/

MR Compatible Eyeglasses

MR Compatible Camera

MR compatible black & white camera with f=2.5mm and f=6mm lenses on a ball-joint. Used to monitor volunteer in the bore and can be used for recording subject hand movements, etc.

Website: http://www.mrc-systems.de/englisch/development/mriequipment.html

MR Compatible Camera

DVD/CD Playing

Sony DVP-N550P DVD player. Interface either through the MR scanner headphones or the NNL headphones.
You can also use the display computer or your own laptop to play music and videos to the subjects while in the scanner using the NNL headphones.

DVD/CD Player

Physiological Monitoring & Recording

Monitoring and recording of peripheral pulse (top), ECG (middle) and respiration (bottom) through Siemens wireless physiological equipment.

Physiological Monitoring Tools