Queen's University
Standard Operating Procedures

Elevator Access

1. Introduction

  • The 3T MRI Facility is used primarily for in-vivo studies of human and animal structure and function. These studies include assessment of metabolism and physiology, cognitive function and vascular dynamics, not only in normal and research patient populations, but also in in-vitro and animal models using a variety of advanced nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy techniques. The facility resources are available to peer-reviewed grant funded scientific collaborators with appropriate Review Ethics Board (REB) protocols in place. See SOP# 04 “New Protocols and Ethics Procedures”.
  • Full-time technical support for scanner operation is provided and included in hourly rates (see SOP# 13 “System Billing Guide and Standard Rates”) during regular weekday hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Scanning support for after-hours and weekend scanning may be arranged on a subcontract basis. For scanner scheduling please contact the MR technologist at fmri@queensu.ca .

2. Elevator Use

  • The Queen’s MRI Facility provides access to a 3 tesla Siemens Magnetom Trio® with TIM® (total imaging matrix) technology via a stairwell at the back of the Cancer Research Institute.
  • For volunteers who have mobility restrictions and are unable to use the stairs access is available via an elevator, which is accessible through a restricted research area.
  • Researchers with volunteers who require the elevator must contact the MRI technologist at least 48 hours in advance at fmri@queensu.ca and are required to know the approximate time of arrival and departure of their volunteer.
  • Use of the elevator without making prior arrangements is not possible without causing undue disturbance to the researchers in the restricted area. Therefore, researchers should ensure that use of the elevator is not required.
  • Researchers regularly needing use of the elevator may be given security access. Otherwise a swipe card can be borrowed from the MRI technologist.
  • Upon arriving at the door to the restricted area the researcher must check the hallway to ensure it is clear of research personnel prior to entering with their volunteer. The researcher turns on the “In Use” sign via a light switch located to the left.
  • Upon exiting the restricted area hallway the “In Use” sign is turned off via an additional light switch.