Queen's University
Standard Operating Procedures

New Protocols and Ethics Procedures

1.  Introduction

  • The 3T MRI Facility is used primarily for in-vivo studies of human and animal structure and function. These studies include assessment of metabolism and physiology, cognitive function and vascular dynamics, not only in normal and research patient populations, but also in in-vitro and animal models using a variety of advanced nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy techniques. The facility resources are available to peer-reviewed grant funded scientific collaborators with appropriate Review Ethics Board protocols in place. See below.

2.  New Protocols

  • An investigator wishing to begin a new study at the 3T MRI Facility must submit a brief (less than 2 pages) summary of the proposed research to the Facility Management Committee which includes details of the experimental protocol. A Word document template is available entitled “FMC_protocol_template.doc”. The report will be kept on file with the Facility Director.
  • In the protocol proposal, the investigator may request a small amount of free protocol testing time, in addition to the study hours requested.  Please note that protocol testing will be limited to new studies where absolutely necessary, and no more than 4 hours per year.  Studies that are continuations of previous research are unlikely to be granted free protocol testing time. The approval of free protocol testing time is at the discretion of the Facility Management Committee and is not guaranteed.
  • The protocol will be discussed with regard to safety, appropriateness and experimental design by the Management Committee at a meeting that is open to any interested participants. Only the Management Committee will vote to approve or deny the protocol.
  • Approval of the study must be obtained through the appropriate Queen’s University Research Ethics Board or Animal Care Committee before the study may commence (see below). Template documents are provided as examples to assist with portions of the required ethics submissions. These are available in the documents “Ethics_risks&benefits.doc” and “subject_information_template.doc”. Ethics procedures change periodically and it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that the information taken from these templates conforms to current ethics board recommendations.

3.  Required Ethics

  • All research involving humans or animals by Queen’s employees or their collaborators must be approved by a Queen’s sanctioned review board. For further details pertaining to specific Research Ethics Board guidelines please refer to the Office of Research Services website at http://www.queensu.ca/vpr.
  • At the time of FMC protocol submission please submit an electronic copy of your FULL research ethics submission (including all appendices) in PDF format.