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Neurotechnology is an emerging growth industry that applies brain sensing, imaging or modulating technologies to solve real-world problems or enhance entertainment. Engineers and computer scientists have the hard skills required, but they often lack foundational neuroscience knowledge; the reverse is true for biomedical and social science students. Business students have industry skills and entrepreneurial spirit but lack foundational skills about the brain. Most groups of learners know little about neuroethical and regulatory frameworks. Our aim is to address these various gaps through this initial suite of 6 microcredentials to prepare students to transition to this industry or help people in the workforce upscale their skills to do so. Microcredential topics will include:

  1. Foundational neuroscience
  2. Measurement, processing, and modulation of brain signals
  3. Visualization of brain structure and function using imaging
  4. Behavioural assessment techniques
  5. Ethical, Legal, and regulatory frameworks relevant to neurotechnology
  6. Capstone Neurotech Project Course (optional), delivered on campus, in which students will receive hands-on training in various neurotechnologies available at the Queen’s Centre for Neuroscience Studies.

We are partnering with Canada-based NeuroTechX, the leading association for NeuroTech enthusiasts worldwide (16,000+ members), with 30+ chapters (including Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo) and university clubs (25+, including Queen’s, Toronto, Waterloo, McMaster and York). NeuroTechX has the most active NeuroTech-focused job board in the world connecting members with top companies in the industry. They also provide recruiting services for the NeuroTech industry via their sister company NTX Services. We are also partnering within Kinarm labs, an established neurotechnology company in Kingston, and are endorsed by Toronto-based MUSE and the Ontario Brain Institute. For industry, the program will provide a curated pool of highly qualified candidates prepared to innovate ethically in the neurotech industry.

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