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Events & Seminars

CNS Seminar Series - 2016/17

All seminars will be held in Botterell Hall Room B143 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title  Special Location
October 12, 2016 Jacek Dmochowski  City College of New York Targeted stimulation of active brain sources using electromagnetic reciprocity B143

November 9, 2016

Steven Gray

University of North Carolina

AAV-mediated Gene Therapy for Nervous System Disorders B143
November 23, 2016 Tony Carlsen University of Ottawa Using a startling acoustic stimulus to assess cortical and subcortical contributions to motor preparation and initiation B143
January, 18, 2017 Rob Turner University of Pittsburgh Basal ganglia contributions to motor control B143
March 1, 2017 Bea Luna University of Pittsburgh 

Changes in brain processing underlying adolescent cognitive development

March 8, 2017 Daniel Guitton  McGill University  Visual Receptive field remapping in primate area V4 at the time of saccades B143
March 15, 2017 Ed Connor Johns Hopkins University 

Shape information in the primate brain

April 12, 2017 Joo-Hyun Song Brown University  Paradoxical Modulation of Motor Actions by Attention B143
May 10, 2017 Amy Bastian 

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Learning and Relearning Movement  B143
May 17, 2017 Karl Gegenfurtner University of Giessen  The interaction between vision and eye movements B143