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Graduate Course Listings and Descriptions

The following is a list of graduate courses offered within the Centre for Neuroscience Studies (CNS) as well as additional courses offered across campus which are available to CNS graduate students. Click on the course names for a more detailed description of each course.  

Please note there are many courses offered across campus that may be of relevance to you and your supervisor which would benefit your individual training program.  We highly recommend you search and seek out any courses on campus which may be of interest and benefit.  To take a non-NSCI designated course, please follow these steps:  i) search for appropriate courses ii) consult with your supervisor iii) consult with the Neuroscience Graduate Program Coordinator or Graduate Program Assistant to ensure the course is acceptable iv) contact the course supervisor directly and obtain permission to take this course. 

Each department has a process for course enrollment.  Please contact the department that is offering the course for instruction on how to register.

*denotes a half credit course (one semester)

School of Graduate Studies Programs of Study

Courses offered within the CNS to graduate students:
Course Code Credits Course Name
QACS 799 6.0 Introduction to Animal Care
NSCI 800* 3.0 Current Concepts in Neuroscience
NSCI 801* 3.0 Quantitative Neuroscience
NSCI 803* 3.0 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NSCI 813*
BMED 813*
3.0 Advances in Neuropharmacology
NSCI 815* 3.0 Special Directed Topics
NSCI 822* 3.0 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
NSCI 825 6.0 Medical Neuroscience
NSCI 826* 3.0 Cognitive Neuroscience
NSCI 829* 3.0 Disorders of the Nervous System
NSCI 830* 3.0 Biological, Clinical, and Social Aspects of Dementia
NSCI 844* 3.0 Controversies in Neuroscience
NSCI 850* 3.0 Computational Approaches to Neuroscience
NSCI 855* 3.0 Modelling in Neuroscience
NSCI 899 6.0 Master's Thesis Research
NSCI 999 6.0 Ph.D. Thesis Research
Other pre-approved courses offered to neuroscience graduate students:
Course Code Credits Course Name
ANAT 812* 3.0 Advanced Neuroanatomy
ANAT 818* 3.0 Chemical Neuroanatomy
BIOL 815* 3.0 Neuronal Basis of Behaviour
BIOL 843* 3.0 Advanced Data Management and Experimental Design
EPID 821* 3.0 Basic Statistics for Epidemiologists
PHAR 810* 3.0 Advances in Neuropharmacology
PHGY/ANAT 826* 3.0 Current Concepts in Sensorimoter Integration
PSYC 801* 3.0 Design of Experiments
PSYC 802* 3.0 Introduction to Multivariate Analysis
PSYC 841*, 851*, 852* 3.0 Pro-Seminars in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 842* 3.0 Current Theories in Developmental Psychology: Cognitive Development
PSYC 843* 3.0 Current Theories in Developmental Psychology II: Social Development
PYSC 857* 3.0 Atypical Development
PSYC 917* 3.0 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroimaging
PSYC 921* 3.0 Visual and Auditory Processes
PSYC 930* 3.0 Somatosensory, Intersensory, and Motor Processes
PSYC 931* 3.0 Neuroplasticity and Behaviour
PSYC 932* 3.0 Neuroethology
PSYC 934* 3.0 Animal Behaviour (Ethology)
PSYC 935* 3.0 Neurotransmitters and Behaviour
PSYC 965* 3.0 Memory, Decision, and Choice
PSYC 966* 3.0 Comprehension and Performance
PSYC 970* 3.0 Eye Movements and Cognitive Processing
PSYC 971* 3.0 Advanced Special Topics in Cognitive Science I, II
RHBS 801* 3.0 Motor Performance in Rehabilitation
TMED 800* 3.0 Translational Medicine
TMED 801 3.0 Profession of Medicine
TMED 802 3.0 Research Success Skills
TMED 811 1.0 Next Generation Sequencing