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A Neurotech Future - Agenda

A Neurotech Future: Ethical, Legal, & Policy Issues

Thursday, April 22, 2021 (open to public)  REGISTER


9:15am EST - Welcome from Provost (Mark Green) and the Organizing Committee (Susan Boehnke, David Lyon, Martha Bailey)

9:30am EST - Panel 1: Separating neuroscience reality from science fiction  

What is possible now, what is possible in the future, what may never be possible.  
Chair: Gunnar Blohm (Queen’s Neuroscience)
  • Steve Scott (Queen’s Neuroscience) Brain Computer Interfaces: A history and future directions. 
  • Ron Levy (Queen’s Neurosurgery) Current Neurosurgical challenges for BCIs. 
  • Graeme Moffat (System2) Non-invasive methods of measuring brain signals. 
  • Shideh Ameri (Queen’s Engineering) Graphene based skin-conformal sensor for EEG.
  • Ali Etemad (Queen’s Engineering) Towards User-centered BCI.

11:30am EST - Keynote:  Judy Iles (UBC, Neuroethics Canada)  

Neuroethics as an Anchor for the Canadian Brain Research Strategy.

12:30pm EST - Lunch Hour: Neurotech Company Videos/Meet the Industry Break out Rooms

1:30pm EST -  Panel 2:  Neurotechnology, Surveillance and Data Privacy 

Chair:  David Lyon (Director, Queen’s Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC))
  • Jason Gallivan (Queen’s Neuroscience) ‘Mind-reading’ with fMRI? Is it possible?
  • Catherine Stinson (Queen’s Philosophy, Computing) The artifice of AI mindreading.
  • David Murakami-Wood (Queen’s SSC) Societal Impacts of Emerging Neurotechnologies.
  • Brenda McPhail (Canadian Civil Liberties Association) Privacy in the Age of Neurotech.

3:00pm EST - Panel 3:  Neurotechnologies and Implications for the Legal System

Chair: Martha Bailey (Queen’s Law)
  • Samuel Dahan (Queen’s Law) Using AI for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.
  • Jennifer Chandler (UOttawa Law) Legal challenges of neurotech-enabled communication & decision-making. 
  • Teresa Scassa (UOttawa Law) Legislation (Bill C11) for data protection -  Does it apply to brain data?

4:00pm EST - Keynote:  John Weigelt (National Technology Officer, Microsoft)

Collaboration for success in policy and regulation: how industry, government, and civil society come together - lessons from responsible AI.

4:20pm EST - Panel 4:  Policy and Regulation: Perspectives from Industry and the Government

Chair: Graeme Moffat (Munk School of Public Policy, University of Toronto; System2)
Discussion Panel:  John Weigelt (Microsoft), Ariel Garten (Interaxon),  Garth Smith (Ontario Brain Institute),  Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Member of Parliament, Canada).  

5:00pm EST - Closing remarks from the organizing committee