Queen's University

Neuroscience Outreach Program

Our Mission 

The Neuroscience Outreach Program at the Centre for Neuroscience Studies is a nationally acclaimed outreach program aimed at improving the Kingston community’s understanding and awareness of all aspects of neuroscience. All of the Outreach programs are informative and designed to engage the researchers and the community. So whether you would like to participate in organizing and speaking at a lecture series, teaching athletes about concussions and brain safety, performing hands on experiments with kids, or crafting/destressing and providing company to elderly patients, there is an outreach program for everyone to volunteer with!

Interested in joining our team?

We have regular monthly meetings to discuss new and ongoing outreach in the neuroscience outreach program. If you are interested in volunteering or joining our team, please email AJ Conway at conwaya@queensu.ca

Contact Information

Please contact Kim Suffron ks119@queensu.ca for more information