Queen's University

Interested volunteers, why BrainReach?

BrainReach offers a unique opportunity to mentor young students, to gain teaching experience and to share your passion for (neuro)science! As a supplement to their curriculum, we provide simple and exciting topics to develop an early appreciation for education and science.

As a volunteer, you will be leading your class in an interactive session regarding one aspect of the brain (once per month, for about 7-8 months). Presentations and presenters' guides are accessible online, as well as directions to pick up any materials/equipment required for the session. We encourage you to tailor and adjust the presentations for your class and/or to your expertise!

We are also looking for dedicated volunteers to help shape and model the program to fit the needs of the Kingston community. This will include integrating feedback from students and teachers, modifying/creating presentations and integrating new experiments/topics into the program.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact kingstonbrainreach@gmail.com.