Queen's University

BrainReach in your classroom

BrainReach was created because we have seen the fascination and engagement a program like this creates. As a spinoff to the ever popular Brain Awareness Day, we wanted to give students more than just one day/year to see what (neuro)scientists study and do!

Neuroscience continues to intrigue and confound scientists today, so it is no wonder that students respond so receptively to learning about the brain. We are an effective supplement to the science curriculum because we use topics that are relevant and comprehensible to their age group. Our ultimate goal is to use materials, experiments and videos to not only teach, but also to show the students what science is in real life!

Once per month, our volunteers will come in and lead a one hour session on topics including:

  • What is the brain, and what does it do?
  • What is the brain made of?
  • How do we sense the world around us?
  • How do we learn and what is memory?
  • How do we have emotions?
  • What determines our attention?

After successful implementation in Montreal schools, we hope to bring this program to Kingston and establish BrainReach as a complement to the science curriculum.

To inquire or participate in BrainReach, please email kingstonbrainreach@gmail.com for more information.