Queen's University

Science Rendezvous

Science Rendezvous is a national family-oriented event that showcases the scientific research taking place across Canada. The Faculty of Education at Queen’s University hosts the annual Science Rendezvous Kingston at the Leon’s Centre in the downtown of the city. The event is free to the public and families can come to learn about research in science, technology, and engineering, talk to scientists about their work, and take part in fun experiments and activities. The Centre for Neuroscience Studies is in attendance each year with a team of 8-10 graduate students to run interactive neuroscience demonstrations and to speak to the public about the research taking place within the Centre. In previous years, demonstrations have included eye tracking, EEG headband, EMG electrophysiology, optical illusions, and prism-reversing goggles. Last year, Science Rendezvous Kingston had a record-breaking attendance of almost 5,200 visitors and was awarded the STEAM Big Award for the best event in Canada.