Queen's University

Beads of Purpose

Beads of Purpose (BOP) is a social enterprise that aims to aid adults with developmental delays to develop skills that will guide their involvement in employment rolls. There are many individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities that graduate highschool and are: uninterested in current programs, searching for motivation and/or require opportunity to foster skills for employment. So, BOP was created to facilitate purpose in the lives of those involved and to create a social connectivity between all participants and volunteers. The objective was to develop a team of volunteers and participants to create and sell homemade bracelets.  Currently, BOP has collaborated with Community Living Kingston, to recruit individuals that would be interested in this type of opportunity. There are seven participants from Community Living that will be involved in BOP and five graduate student volunteers from Queen’s University. This small group will meet once a week to discuss different aspects of running a business and to create and sell the product. BOP is a very new program to the NOP, however, we aspire to continue growing and expanding to facilitate more participants from Community Living, which will also increase the amount of graduate students required.