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BrainReach Kingston mission statement:

BrainReach is a graduate student initiative created to stimulate learning and curiosity-driven education. Once a month, dedicated volunteers from Queen's University will go to the classroom to lead sessions on different aspects of the brain's mysterious machinery. Our volunteers are passionate scientists who want to share their experience and love of learning. By using interactive experiments and demonstrations, we engage our pupils in the world of neuroscience and thinking outside the box. Using real samples, videos and activities, we create a fun and engaging learning environment.

Why Neuroscience?

The study of neuroscience is constantly evolving, causing us to change the way we view our own biology. It is an ideal topic to engage students while they are still learning about themselves and the world beyond them. This program was created to nurture and cultivate the inner curiosity of the pupils, while providing an opportunity for graduate students to teach and share their passion for science.

For more information contact Natalie Deschenes at 12mnd4@queensu.ca or Jay Kataria at jay.kataria@queensu.ca

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