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Post Doctoral Studies

Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates are invaluable members of our neuroscience community at Queen’s University. We are currently in the process of revising our governing constitution to add these individuals to the membership status roster of the Centre for Neuroscience Studies. If you are looking for a placement as a postdoctoral fellow, please take some time on our Faculty & Research page where you will find links to exciting scientific breakthroughs in our various fields of specialization.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Andrea de Lima-Pardini 

PhD:  University of São Paulo - Brazil

Currently working with Dr. Stephen Scott

Research Interest:  Andrea’s current research uses an animal model to investigate neuronal reorganization and motor impairments after focal brain cooling (virtual lesion). Her main interests comprise the neural correlates of movement disorders and rehabilitation.

Natalia Lyra e Silva 

PhD:  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Currently working with Dr.s Doug Munoz and Fernanda de Felice

Research Interest:  Natalia is interested in understanding the molecular alterations underlying brain diseases, with focus on Alzheimer's disease and the mechanisms of crosstalk between the brain and the periphery.

Peter Gagolewicz 

PhD: Queen’s University

Currently working with Dr.’s David Andrew and Brian Bennett

Research interest: Peter work involves synaptic plasticity, Alzheimer’s, and ischemic stroke.  His doctoral research examined synaptic plasticity and metaplasticity in the adult brain, especially how it relates to learning and memory. More recently he has have taken an interest in hippocampal plasticity in animal models of Alzheimer's disease, as well as the cellular mechanisms of neuronal damage during ischemic stroke.

Hui Guang 

PhD:  Tsinghua Univeristy, Beijing, China

Currently working with Dr. Stephen Scott

Research Interest:  Hui’s Ph.D work is mainly focused on modeling of sensorimotor control, including the modeling of proprioceptive recognition with ANN, state estimation with Bayesian filtering, and spinal reflex of focal vibration. He is currently working on the neural substrates of sensorimotor control with non-human primates, including the cocontraction and gain scaling effect.

Emily Hawken 

PhD:  Queen’s University, Ontario

Currently working with Dr. Muhammad Ayub

Research Interests:   Emily is a cellular and molecular electrophysiologist, with extensive research training in behavioral and clinical neuroscience. Her research interests are in identifying neural and genetic substrates of behaviors to better understand the origins of psychiatric neuropathologies.

Chloe Cydalise Nobis 

PhD:  University of Montreal, Quebec

Currently working with Dr. Nader Ghasemlou

Research Interest:  Chloe is interested in understanding the contribution of circadian clocks in the immune response. Her current research project is about the circadian control of pain in naive animal and in a mouse model of chronic pain (spared nerve injury).

Jacqueline Raymondi Silva 

PhD:  University of São Paulo, Brazil

Currently working with Dr. Nader Ghasemlou

Research interest: Jacqueline’s research is in neuroimmunology, pain, inflammation, behavioural analyses.

Brian White


PhD:  Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany

Currently working with Dr. Doug Munoz

Research Interest:  Brian studies the circuits and processes associated with visually guided eye movements using specialized eye movement tasks, and single/multichannel extracellular recording techniques in brain areas such as superior colliculus and the primary visual cortex (V1).