2022 Queen's Health Sciences Education Award


Congratulations to Dr. Blohm on the 2022 Queen’s Health Sciences Teaching Award.  Dr. Blohm launched the CoSMo (Computational Sensorimotor Neuroscience Summer School) in 2011 as a mechanism to provide hands-on code-first computational modeling exercises and small group learning to address training gaps in the field of computational neuroscience.  In 2021 he co-founded Neuromatch Academy which is an immersive captivating summer school experience where participants from over 100 countries participated in more than 58,000 hours of learning. 



“[NMA] actually helped me decide that yes, I wanna go ahead with research as my career. I love the current situation of academia, how helpful the people are, the sheer initiative to conduct something like NMA for the sole purpose of educating so many students across the world, about the latest methods and techniques, keeping the tutorials freely accessible, it's all so amazing and so noble of the organizers.” (student s434)


Overall, NMA was [a] once in a lifetime experience for me. It was one of the greatest community works I have done personally and I would like to thank all those who thought about it and executed it. Additionally, I would really like to participate in making it even bigger in the future. (TA t123)


“I benefited very much from the vast international span and context of NMA. Another benefit was that students and instructors / professors came from across university boundaries, and even from outside of academia. As in all aspects of life, diversity and access to top-level professionals both improved the course far beyond what most other courses can achieve. I think those benefits, the removal of barriers and inclusiveness far outweigh the challenges of doing everything online. [...] I would strongly encourage NMA to continue, and also for more courses to adopt a similar method that [is] large in scope, online, with a strong interactive component.” (TA t139)