Queen's University


CESAP is a new outreach initiative that aims to empower elementary and high school students, civilians and athletes on concussion injuries through evidence-based education and athletic behaviour modification training. Led by MD, MSc (Neurosciences) and MSc (Rehabilitation Therapy) students, our program offers proper education of the signs, symptoms and consequences of concussion to reduce the burden of concussive injuries and their complications across the population.

The CESAP program consists of an afternoon based clinic in the classroom and on the field, for athletes, coaches, training staff and parents. In an interactive classroom session, we introduce the basics of neuroanatomy, and concussion biomechanics, symptomology and management. For athletes, we then offer drills teaching proper checking, positioning and tackling technique in football, hockey and soccer. Finally, we speak to parents to field questions, provide resources and promote best practice in helping their children identify and manage head injuries.

Click here to see the CESAP website. 

For more information contact Allen Champagne at a.champagne@queensu.ca