Queen's University


The Concussion Education Safety and Awareness Program (CESAP) is an outreach initiative led by Queen’s students from the Faculties of Medicine and Neurosciences. Our goal is to provide concussion education sessions in accordance with Rowan’s Law to high school students and young athletes in the Kingston area. Education sessions are executed through one-hour small group learning classroom sessions led by MD, MSc and PhD students, with the presentations tailored to the context of the class curriculum and Rowan’s Law.  The role of students from the Center for Neuroscience studies is to provide evidence-based research into concussion prevention and management, with the help of local physicians and following Rowan’s Law guidelines. Experience is gained by providing patient education and translating medical evidence into digestible pieces of information for the public. Furthermore, our role includes disseminating best practice guidelines of management of concussions to high school’s training staff, coaches and athletes’ parents. By protecting young athletes, we aim to promote healthy and active lifestyles and minimize the short and long term effects of traumatic brain injury.