Dr. Sara Larivière: Friday, February 3 @ 10:30am – 12pm in Botterell Hall B147

Multiscale neuroimaging and big data analysis in health and disease

Analysis and interpretation of neuroimaging datasets has become a multidisciplinary endeavor, relying not only on statistical methods, but increasingly on associations with respect to other brain-derived features such as gene expression, histological data, and functional as well as cognitive architectures. In this talk, I will introduce two open access neuroimaging toolboxes (the ENIGMA Toolbox and BrainStat) to investigate and statistically assess interactions across multiple scales, ranging from genetic risk factors to macroscale brain organization. I will lay out how these resources can be used to study healthy brain development as well as diseases that show an interplay between focal microstructural lesions, network-level anomalies, and cognitive impairments. Examples will include atrophy network models and imaging-genetic associations derived from neuroimaging big data.


Botterell Hall B147 K7L3N6